Centre for Regulatory Studies, Governence and Public Policy

The University

WBNUJS is a premiere law university in India offering various courses on law and allied subjects

The Centre

The Centre was created in July 2015 with the kind support of the Government of West Bengal

Research Activities

CRSGPP undertakes research activities on subjects that are at the intersection of law and public policy

Welcome to Our Centre

The Centre for Regulatory Studies, Governance and Public Policy (CRSGPP) at the West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences (WBNUJS), Kolkata was created in July 2015 with the vision of becoming a Centre of excellence in the field of law, public policy and governance. Since its inception, CRSGPP has been thriving under the aegis of the Government of West Bengal and as an initiative of the Department of Higher Education (University Branch) to promote interdisciplinary research to explore, build and advance critical perspectives on the role of the state, para-statal organisations and civil society in designing regulatory institutions and in evaluating policies for reducing pervasive socio-economic deprivation, entrenched vulnerabilities and empowering Scheduled Castes , Scheduled Tribes, women and minorities. The Centre encourages original interdisciplinary research on the dynamics of law and society, indulges in public debates and academic discussions in social sciences and law and intends to assist law and policy makers in the preparation and critical evaluation of legislation and policies pertaining to communities and groups, including the socially excluded ones.

There are various schemes and developmental policies initiated for the betterment of numerous targeted social groups in the Centre and the State level. Considering the quantum of resources in the nature of funds, manpower and expertise that have been committed and/or expended in pursuance to these laws and policies, it is expedient to assess and evaluate their success and to study and learn from their shortcomings, which can be worked upon to identify areas that are yet to fall within the ambit of governmental largesse. A Centre for research in a national law university such as WBNUJS skilled in assessing the implementation of such laws and policies and in understanding their efficacy and limitations would go a long way in assisting the state government in the system of progress, and in turn help in creating a better perception about the government among the populace of the state.

However, to ensure an effective implementation of these well-intentioned policies and schemes, it is mandatory that a rigorous analysis be taken up by policy experts and trained researchers. The researchers at the Centre do the necessary analysis and act as think-tanks to aid and advise the government in adopting and executing policies that can address varied concerns of citizens in real time. CRSGPP functions as a watch-dog to monitor and regulate the activities of the government, analyses whether the objectives of legal instruments are being met properly and assesses whether the executive wing of the government faces problems in the implementation of these legal instruments. In doing so, the Centre devises solutions to critical issues, and finds out ways in which identified loopholes can be addressed.

Sometimes it can so ensue that inspite of effective implementation of a good law there aren’t enough steps taken to formulate and initiate changes as per the law which leaves the legislative intention unfulfilled. It is prudent to carry out studies to gauge if the enacted law is serving the ends of justice and/or what are the roadblocks. Other important issues such as evaluation of the sufficiency of budget allocated for a policy, and evaluation of government initiative in emancipation of the economically depressed or vulnerable sections of the society, will require a Centre to undertake research and come up with an informed report based on data, after having employed proper methodology and scientific tools.

Our Vision

To become a Centre for excellence in the region for policy planning, research, analysis, evaluation, training and advocacy in regulatory studies, governance and public policy.



To encourage original interdisciplinary research on the dynamics of law and society and to contribute to public debates and academic discussions in social sciences and law.


To assist law and policy makers in the preparation and critical evaluation of legislation and policies that not only have a direct bearing on society and its people but also have effect on effective governance and administration.


To provide training, research and advisory services to government, non-governmental organisations and other agencies, both national and international, in policy formulation and implementation.


To organise workshops, seminars, conferences, etc., that provide a platform for legislators, bureaucrats and judges to interact with scholars, activists, journalists, and other members of the civil society so as to reflect collectively on critical issues related to law, society and governance.


To undertake research work on the working of the constitutional and statutory safeguards for underprivileged social groups, including caste-based minorities, tribal communities, religious minorities and other marginalised sections of the society, and also suggest means for their effective implementation.


To build a database of print, digital and visual texts on issues pertaining to regulations, administration and governance, especially those that relate to the realms of law and state policy.


To publish journals, books, research papers and reports on issues pertaining to law, society and governance and to strengthen critical public discourses in India on the aforementioned issues.


To build ties with organisations and agencies committed to strengthening democratic ideals and building an
inclusive and just society.


Message from the Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor

I am immensely delighted that the Centre through its newly developed independent website is making an earnest attempt to disseminate vital information pertaining to public policy, regulatory studies and governance along with the actual day-to-day work done by it. The website, which is designed in accordance with the professional requirements of the Centre, showcases the initiatives undertaken by it from time to time. Detailed information not only on various research activities but also on events such as Seminars, Workshops, Training Programmes, etc., are available on the site. The ‘Publications’ section of the site makes it all the more relevant and interesting.


I sincerely believe that it is the duty of any Centre/School established at a premiere law school such as WBNUJS to provide information on all matters and issues at the intersection of law and public policy since the subjects are gaining increasing importance at every level of higher education. I congratulate the members of CRSGPP for launching the website and wish them success in all their future endeavours.