Centre for Regulatory Studies, Governence and Public Policy

About Our Centre

The Centre for Regulatory Studies, Governance and Public Policy (CRSGPP) was established at the WB National University of Juridical Sciences in July 2015 to promote interdisciplinary research. CRSGPP was established on the basis of the concurrence of the Department of Higher Education and Finance Department of the Government of West Bengal, and further approved by the Executive Council of the University in its 48th Meeting held on April 25, 2015. CRSGPP is supported by the Judicial Department, Government of West Bengal since inception.


(1) Research Fellow and Coordinator – Vacant

(2) Research Fellow – Vacant

(3) Mr. Rajat Banerjee, Research Associate (Non-Law Social Sciences)

(4) Dr. Shuvro Prosun Sarker, Research Associate (Law)

(5) Mr. Surja Kanta Baladhikari, Research Assistant (Law)

(6)  Ms. Sayantani Bagchi, Research Assistant (Law)

(7) Ms. Aparna Madhu, Research Assistant (Law)

(8) Mr. Saptarshi Mitra, Research Assistant (Non-Law Social Sciences)

(9) Mr. Sandipan Mitra, Research Assistant (Non-Law Social Sciences)

(10) Research Assistant (Law) – Vacant



Organizational Structure of Centre for Regulatory Studies, Governance and Public Policy (CRSGPP) is four-tiered. The tiers are comprised of Vice-Chancellor, Research Fellows, Research Associates and Research Assistants. Job description of CRSGPP contains detailed account of the jobs related to the posts offered by CRSGPP.

The apex authority in CRSGPP’s organization is the Vice-Chancellor of the West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences (WBNUJS). All matters related to the functioning of CRSGPP are done under the approval of the Vice-Chancellor. In tier that follows him, there are two Research Fellows from the CRSGPP, one of them functions as the Centre Co-ordinator as well. Each fellow has a Research Associate under him. These two Research Associates (one from law and the other from non-law background) constitute the third tier. The Research Associate (law) is supervised by the Research Fellow who is also the Centre Co-ordinator. The fourth and final tier is comprised of Research Assistants (six positions, four from law and two from non-law). These six research assistants are supposed to assist each of the two associates in group of three (two from law and one from non-law) in all the research and publication related works.