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Ongoing Projects


Sl. No. Title of the Research Project Project Details
1. Revamping the Preventive Provisions of the Bengal Excise (BE) Act The Excise Commissioner, West Bengal requested the Centre to do a study on the topic titled ‘Comparative Analysis of the Provisions Envisaged under the BE Act, 1909 Regarding Preventive Aspects with that of Other States’ Excise Laws, and Suggestive Measures to Revamp the BE Act in Light of such Comparison’. The Centre readily agreed to conduct such work and in the past few months had been in constant touch with the Excise Commission, West Bengal. A series of meetings and correspondences ensued and both the Centre and the Excise Department jointly decided to formulate a work plan to give this research endeavour a proper shape. The Centre has also drawn up a tentative research proposal to ensure that the comparative analysis of the preventive provisions of the Bengal Excise Act, 1909 in light of other central and state legislations on same or similar subject is completed at the earliest. Detailed study, both empirical and non-empirical, on the subject is ongoing and the Centre proposes to submit a recommendation report by September-October 2017.