Centre for Regulatory Studies, Governence and Public Policy

Training Programmes


CRSGPP intends to conduct a summer training programme on Right to Information between 10 and 21st July, 2017. The purpose of the programme is not only to extend hands-on training to the participants of the course but also to facilitate exchange of ideas among the participants on the nuances of the legislation. The summer course will be conducted by eminent academicians, administrators and officials who have dealt with the provisions of the legislation both at the Central and the State levels. During the course, participants will be actively engaged in the classroom through lectures, case studies and other modes of intelligent teaching on Right to Information and allied laws in the country. At the end of the course, participants will:

(a) Know the important provisions of the RTI Act and their respective applications;

(b) Have an effective understanding of the roles and responsibilities of the Public Information Officers and various other Appellate authorities:

(c) Gain knowledge of the rights, remedies and obligations under the Act.

For further details about the course download the PDF document.